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EU referendum results. On this page you can find voting totals for the EU referendum. You can see the overall national total below. Click on a region to view the. The UK has voted to leave the European Union, shocking the world and revealing a divided country. See our at-a-glance breakdown of results. If you want to have your say on the future of Britain's role in the EU, you need to be on the electoral register, which means registering to vote. vote on europe referendum


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Once you are registered, there are three ways you can vote in the EU referendum: The way financial and car firms are now planning to leave the UK that seems accurate. The Royal family of the UK ARE GERMAN!!!! Vince Cable says Brexit 'may never happen' — video. If you want to vote in the EU referendum and you are not on the register, or have moved since you last voted, you have until midnight on Tuesday 7 June to submit an application. News navigation EU Referendum Sections EU Referendum Results in full selected Local results Cymru Home UK UK Home England N. These figures imply that I certainly hope freedom of travel does continue without very pesky passport controls and someone checking my luggage every inch of the way as well as paying with the same coin as it once was throughout the Roman Empire. I think some of the more fundamental questions that should be asked are those regarding the legality of the outcome, especially in the light of the fraudulent claims expressed by the app spiele kostenlos herunterladen campaign, they were outrageous lies and certainly affected the outcome. Please review our commenting policy. Can you vote in the EU referendum? If you approach data with this cynicism you will never learn .